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Cyber System Ltd Technologies is a leading national provider of automated and IT enabled solutions catering to businesses across various verticals of Pakistan. Cyber System Ltd is Pakistan’s Leading IT Company was founded during the dot-com boom in 1997 and started in keeping with the spirit of the IT age, it went on to pioneer a revolution in Software products in Pakistan. Since its inception in 1995, Cyber System Ltd has regimented itself being committed to deliver the best software solutions. Cyber System Ltd has ever since used highly experienced resources in analysis, development, quality assurance, and implementation to provide a wide range of high-quality consulting services and cost- effective development of customized application software. Our worldwide domain and subject matter expertise, proven track record and the capability to act as solution integrator can give you a truly cost-effective solution that not only meets, but surpasses your needs. Today we have a well recognized National presence across all over Pakistan with more than 150 Employees and Associates with 3 major industries and over 25 major organizations in Pakistan.


Cyber System Ltd as an Institution is committed to being the Leader of IT & ITES in the Region through our Thought Leadership, Sustained Service Delivery Excellence, Strong Customer Focused Employees, Strong relationship with our Customers, Partners, and Vendors. To that end we must continuously innovate, enhance our service offerings, achieve superior financial results and increase value to our clients and trusted shareholders. These unwavering expectations provide the foundation of our commitment to those whom we interact.


To become a strategic partner of its customers by offering high value solutions and services, while investing in continuous improvement of its processes.

The company also aims to maintain complete commitment to the empowerment and development of its employees.

 By helping create local employment and growth opportunities, and maintaining an innovation driven excellence in delivery of IT solutions and services.

IT Industry in Pakistan

The IT Industry in Pakistan is at the historical peak and still advancing its way up to ascend towards the best in the world. IT Industry is now contributing significantly in economic growth of Pakistan which is now billions of dollars. There are 2500+ I T Companies registered in Pakistan and the share of global IT sales of Pakistan is more than $2.8 billion.

The IT sector in Pakistan has world’s best payment processing solution providers.

We are proud today to announce that Cyber System Ltd is the top 5 IT consultation and service providers of Pakistan and is proud of its progress and contribution to the industry. Since the incorporation of the company we have worked our days and nights to bring the best out, to provide what clients need and to match the demands of the technological evolution in the country and world. Through these years our teams and experts have brought the innovation and ideas to reality.




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